Anti Bullying Week

As part of anti bullying week, Heygreen pupils were lucky enough to watch the performance of ‘Superhero School!’ It was very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by all, and contained some important key messages about what bullying is; speaking out if you see or experience bullying; and who you can talk to.

Investigating yeast

As part of our Microorganisms topic in Science, year six have been investigating yeast, and what foodstuff it reacts with best. Today we added yeast to separate bags of sugar, oil, coffee, flour, rice and salt. We made predictions about which we thought would change most and why. We left the mixtures in sealed bags for three hours. What would you predict?Our result: Sugar

Imagination Gaming!

This afternoon, year six pupils were lucky enough to work with a very special visitor from ‘Imagination Gaming!’ He introduced us to some board games that challenged us across various mathematical standards. Theses board games, although educational, were designed to be fun and entertain children AND adults, and it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed it on the day and look forward to playing again.